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Customer Management

How your customer management suddenly runs simply relaxed

With brixxCRM, we offer you an easy-to-use CRM software with which you can flexibly manage your contacts. Simply access the cloud solution anytime and from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or desktop and manage your contacts professionally.

The solution has all the features you need as a sole trader or small business – without “slaying” you with multifunctionality.

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The advantages of brixxCRM

Professional lead and customer management

All too often, important information about interested parties, customers and business partners is forgotten. Structure and group your contacts easily, quickly and securely with brixxCRM. Thanks to intelligent resubmission you will never forget a contact again.

Integrated project management & time recording

You would like to manage your customer projects professionally? With brixxCRM you can easily create projects and always have an overview of the project progress. Simply record your working hours and assign them to your project!

Easy to use

Using brixxCRM is super easy and intuitive. You register once and then simply log in via any browser and any end device. Also brixxCRM itself is understandable and easy to use.

Maximum flexibility thanks to cloud

brixxCRM is a cloud-based web application. For you this means: Maximum flexibility. Just get started without installation and get going. All you need is your personal account, with which you can easily access the application from anywhere with any device. So you always have your contacts at hand!

Cost effective solution for small businesses

We know: Especially as a small business, you don't want to commit to expensive, long term contracts. brixxCRM is the cost-effective CRM solution for small businesses with no hidden costs. You are guaranteed to pay only 8,30 dollars per user per month.

Cancellable monthly

As a small company, it is incredibly important for you to be able to react flexibly to new circumstances at any time. That's why it's a matter of course for us that you can cancel openly and easily at any time at the end of the month.

Choose your own path: Maximum scalable

The brixxCRM offers all the functionalities you need without being overwhelming. Act scalable at any time and simply adapt all fields as you need them. You determine how your CRM should be structured.

Automatic multilingualism

You certainly haven't seen it like this before. With brixxCRM, you can change the language with just one click. This is how CRM works today!

No address limitation

You have a high number of contacts to maintain? No problem - brixxCRM does not set you a limit. Just create as many addresses as you need.

2 GB database included

Plenty of space for your data! You need even more storage space? For a small additional charge, the database can be expanded at any time.


Professional customer care does not have to be complicated

Test brixxCRM now 30 days free of charge and convince yourself!

You will love these features

Clear dashboard

The dashboard is the control center of your brixxCRM. Simply access all functions centrally and call up meaningful reports.

Address management

With brixxCRM you have your addresses under control at all times. Simply access the address data of your customers, prospects and business partners centrally. Create contact persons and call up all important information in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Lead Management

Turn prospects into real customers in the long term with brixxCRM. Capture leads, qualify them and keep a record of all contacts. Intelligent resubmissions ensure that the contact doesn’t fall asleep and that the measures take effect successfully!

Project Management

With brixxCRM you have all projects firmly under control. Independently create main and sub-projects and assign responsibilities to employees.

Time recording

You like to have control over the working hours of your employees at any time or you just want to keep track of the effort for your projects? Simply record all times with brixxCRM.

File storage

In everyday business life, a large number of files are created every day. It’s not easy to keep track of them. Simply upload your documents via the integrated file storage and access them at any time.


You would like to manage your appointments centrally? Just use the integrated calendar, create appointments and assign them to your contacts and projects.

Driver logbook

Of course: If you take good care of your customers, there will also be on-site appointments. With the driver logbook, you and your employees can easily and quickly record all trips and assign them to a contact.

Record comment function

To boost your communication: Communicate centrally with colleagues about projects, tasks or customers? No problem with brixxCRM! Via the record comment function you make sure that communication in the company is always granted.

From everywhere

With brixxCRM you can keep an eye on your contacts even when you’re on the road – that’s how CRM works today! Simply access your contacts anytime and from anywhere via smartphone or tablet!

Customer testimonials

Why our customers love brixxCRM so much

brixxCRM Erfahrungen

Annika F.

Marketing Consultant

“I became aware of brixxCRM by chance. The tool has everything you need as a small business owner. I especially liked the fact that I can easily access the tool on the go. That’s especially handy when I’ve just been to a customer’s site and I want to quickly capture some notes.”

brixxCRM Erfahrungen

Sven L.


“I had been looking for a low cost software for a long time that had the features I needed as a sole proprietor. However, most were either very cheap and had too few features or very expensive and had too many features. brixxCRM is just perfect for small business!”

brixxCRM Erfahrungen

Udo H.

Business Consultant

“I have only recently founded my company and do not yet know how it will develop over the next few years. I was looking for a CRM tool that would grow with me – and I found it with brixxCRM. I can only recommend it!”

Frequently asked questions

With a CRM you can create contact records and store all information about potential and existing customers. This way, every employee can track with whom the customer had contact and what was discussed. This way you ensure that all relevant information is recorded and you can serve your customers even better.

CRM software can lead to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately to higher revenues. The fact that all relevant customer data is stored in the CRM means that the needs of customers and prospects can be addressed more quickly and individually.

There is no general answer to this question, since many CRM systems have different focuses. With brixxCRM, we have focused on providing you with all the functions as flexibly and easily as you can use them optimally as a small business. Manage your addresses, maintain leads and customers, record times and much more.

Depending on the desired range of functions and requirements, a CRM system can cost thousands of euros per year. CRM tools are available as a license or for rent, for your own server or on an external server. With brixxCRM, we rely on the monthly rental model as a cloud solution. For only 7 euros per month, you get a CRM that fits your needs with maximum flexibility: If you no longer need it, simply cancel flexibly at the end of the month.

Translated with (free version)

Since CRM systems differ greatly depending on their focus, we recommend that you simply register for brixxCRM for free and take a look at the CRM in person. You have 30 days to test the CRM extensively. Create contacts, record working hours, enter appointments in the calendar. You will see: This is the CRM you need!

Professional customer care does not have to be complicated

Test brixxCRM now 30 days free of charge and convince yourself!